on the books and Helen moved to top of the season

McClinchey Scores big and takes top prizes

## ## In the final round of Seniors Bowling at the Uptown Bowl in 2019, Bob McClinchey rose head and shoulders above the rest of the senior bowlers. In his first game, after bowling 5 strikes in a row he eventually settled for a 286 pts. game, but he wasn done! In his second game he laid down another series of strikes and finished with another big score 255 pts. As a result he has taken over the 2 place as season high Singles bowler behind Guy Michaud who has a 297 pts. game on record. Bob McClinchey high Double score of 541 pts. puts him solidly in 1 place as holder of the season high Doubles record at almost 100 pts. ahead of 2 place Roger Schaffner.

As an added consequence of Bob solid performance, 2018 2019 season top bowler Alex Vanderburg has been pushed out of the top three in both categories. He notes that Bob and Guy have really moved the bar much higher and it will be hard to match or exceed.

In women action, there were also highlights. Helen Miller put up solid numbers to take both the Singles and Doubles high scores with a first game of 190 pts. and a whopping 269 pts. in her 2nd game. No one else came close to these numbers although Marlene Riddell and Linda Clermont

put up respectable high scores. Nancy Santia showed her mettle by taking 2 place high Doubles just ahead of Dianne Spencer. Helen Miller moved into 2 place of the season high Singles results just behind Ellen Watson who has a formidable 294 pts. on the books and Helen moved to top of the season high Doubles list with 459 pts.

With half of the season to follow in the New Year some changes are to be expected in these rankings.

With the great results Bob McClinchey and Helen threw down this week they were each awarded the weekly Most Improved Bowler (MIB) prize. Both are second time winners. Bob bowled a whopping 99 pts. per game above his season average and Helen bowled a very high 48 pts per game over her season average. At this point almost 50% of the Senior bowlers have won one or more of the coveted cups, showing that you don need to be a top bowler to win this prize.

In the Team Competition Team 1 Vanderburg improved their lead with a solid 3 pts outing. On the back of Bob standout scores Team 3 McClinchey also took 3 pts to tie Team 2 Clermont for 2 place. The other teams are all close on their heels. If you are older than 55 and you are looking for some fun activity with a great group come and join us on Wednesday afternoon.

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